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About Us

                       NEEM OIL PROCESSING FACTORY 

                        YENDI, GHANA WEST AFRICA 

Scented with Pure Essential Oils.
Our Company
Our Mission
Our Product

Our Company was started to offer natural effective personal care products to those seeking to experience the benefits of natural healing. CEO of Eczema Eaze, Yafah Binoneet is an authored plant based culinary 

artist and a dietary nutritional teacher.  As a result of her travels in the U.S. and abroad she saw the need for natural plant-based products to address problems of atopic dermatitis i.e. eczema, psoriasis, acne, razor bumps. 

Our Mission is to create a sustainable, profitable, educational and inspirational business that impacts on the individual by promoting wellness in the global community. Her journeys to Africa exposed her to the wonderful healing properties of the neem tree. The success of neem oil in treating various atopic dermatitis issues led her to establish our company Neem Botanicals.    

Our Product ingredients have been carefully and meticulously selected for their natural healing, protective and regenerative properties. We are an over-the-counter option, steroid free, totally plant based, and available without a prescription.  Eczema Eaze products are always GMO free, synthetic fragrance free, cruelty free, gluten free, and infused with pure essential oils.

Our Partners

Our Partners are a co-op of women in the northern region of the Bunbong community in Ghana, West Africa.  The women of the Kunbugu community have hand pressed the neem oil from seed and leaves for centuries.  Our goal is to support this cooperative of women and thereby impact the economic growth and stability of their families and communities.   Our products

are formulated with only the best

hand pressed natural neem oil from Western Africa, which has been proven to soothe and promote healthy skin.

Our Support

Our Support to African women entrepreneurs striving to better their communities. These women are very important in the development of the economy of their community.   Our relationship with the women is essential because it is making a difference in their lives and the lives of their families. We seek to enhance the self-esteem of these women by providing a vital source of income to their families.  We use a profit sharing model for our collective economic growth.  A true win-win relationship.

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